What We Do

GrowLocker takes all the work, costs, and hassle out of growing your own legal Health Canada approved cannabis.  Forget the stink in your house, or having your kids steal your bud! Forget to spills and constant maintenance and enjoy the community of clients as you process together and share tips and tricks on how to best manage your pain or other medical issues.

The process takes time with multiple steps and can take up to six months to complete and then the growing can start.  All the information is available at Health Canada and will take more than just a couple of hours to research, but we are currently engaged in growing and processing for clients.

Think of us as a specialty greenhouse that focuses on cannabis production, we don’t sell anything, only charge a fee for rent, electricity, water, heat, and equipment costs.  This has historically been about 10% of the cost from retail stores with the added flexibility of deciding how to grow, such as organically, hydroponics, or old school water and dirt.

Each client gets a locker for growing, drying, and storage of your bud.  As well GrowLocker has a common area where you can process your bud into all sorts of raw products such as juicing, rosin and others.  The equipment needed for processing can be used on a first come first serve basis and is all modern systems.

GrowLocker germinates your seeds, transplants into small pots, then sets in for the final grow and flower stage.  When buds are ready, GrowLocker will harvest and hang in drying racks in your locker and the rest is up to you!  You will get a text message stating your bud is ready and then you come to our site and snip, press, or engage in aroma therapy.