GROW Token

What is a GROW token?  It is a token that is backed by cannabissupplied from our legal aquaponically grown medical marijuana operation GrowLocker on the ratio of 1 GROW = 1 gram of medical bud = $5 CAD.  The CAD equivalent is based on current prices, but you can sell or trade with other Byteballers at any time for any price. NOTE: You must be a member of GrowLocker and have a current medical license issued from an Alberta doctor to take possession and shipping will require one additional GROW.


How do I buy them?  The following are ways you can acquire GROW tokens.

  1.  Buy directly from HJC’s at Buy GROW Tokens here.
  2.  Buy from via email request.
  3.  Earn them from by making purchases from our online store.
  4.  Earn them from our Bounty program.
  5.  Trade them with other holders with ByteBall wallets




 I don’t have a wallet, now what?  Don’t worry, we’ll send them to your email address and you will be prompted to download the app.  The GROW’s will be automatically added you your new wallet!  Its a great way to enter the cryptocurrency marketplace.






How do I spend them?  Of course you can pay your invoice at our companies directly with GROW.  GROW tokens can only be redeemed on our sites at this time – e-MCI, HJC’s, GrowLocker, and

How do I get more information?  You can call Gerry Lamarche for more details or ‘how to’ instructions at 780-589-0508 ext 213.  Or email at