You must be a member of GrowLocker in order to use our services and take possession of your medical supplies.  The membership costs are only to protect us from a user having us grow product on their behalf and then backs out – as GrowLocker must then destroy all the product in their name.

Cost Equation: Number of plants x 100 GROW tokens x current value of GROW

4 plants in production x 100 GROW’s @ $5/token = $2,000

The membership can be increased for more plants to enter production or decreased if reducing the number of plants required.  GROW’s can be bought and sold on the open market, directly from us, or earned at HJC’s or by bounty rewards.  And of course you can redeem them for bud when needed, but memberships must be maintained at all times and are non-refundable.

You can think of your GROW’s like shares in a company as you will have skin in the game and contribute to your overall wellness and GrowLockers own success.